New Developments at The Okere Project!

We have recently changed our name from Predator-Free Okere Falls, to The Okere Project.

We are now an official trust and registered charity entitled The Okere Project Trust. Predator Free Okere Falls is now the first project running under the new trust.

Untitled design
The new Okere Project Logo created by Mara Kosac

The trust’s mission statement is to regenerate the environment and engage the community in sustainable practices. For this reason, we are reaching out to YOU – the community – for help in coming up with the values of the trust. We are looking for four or five values that go along with our mission as a sustainable and community-oriented organization. 

Examples of such values might be Preservation, Kaitiakitanga, Conservation, or Protection. Values will need a statement word along with a brief sentence explaining the value. Values will be listed in both English and Te Reo.

Each of the values will be paired with one of the new icons.

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The Okere Project’s new icons. Created by Mara Kosac.

To get involved and help name the values to let us know your ideas over facebook or email us at, or volunteer to help set up traps!

A full list of the aims of the Okere Project Trust can be found here. Basically, we can run numerous projects under the trust name. For example, the Predator-Free Okere Falls project or the Okere Planting project. If you have any small community project ideas, such as a Community Garden Project, you want to get up and off the ground let us know and we can help you with paperwork.

Author: Brooke Hess

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