Live in Okere Falls? You are eligible for a subsided trap!

Order a trap!

PRICE: $120 for a Goodnature Automatic Trap + a Victor Rat Trap. Includes bait and gas for two years (RRP$199). The Victor trap will be placed in a public area in our community.

1. Deposit $120 into this account:

Environmental White Water Park Trust


Code: Your phone number e.g 0226006562

Reference: Your address eg. 12a Foster Road

2. Email us and put you address as the subject so that we can confirm payment.

3. We will then come over and help set up your Goodnature Automatic Trap and make sure that you have bait and gas for 2 years.

If you would like to support more traps then we encourage a greater by-in, in $120 increments.

If you would like to sponsor a trap to be donated to another property then we can arrange that.

Please feel free to email us at with any questions and to get updates on the project. Feel free to ‘CC’ in all your friends so that they can get updates too!

If you would just like to donate click on the link below!


Get Involved!

Currently we are looking for someone who can spare some time to source some cheap or free materials for creation of protection boxes to cover the rat traps. This keeps the birds out and the predators in. Give us an email if you are interested, and click here to see more on the project.