Okere Falls is home to many native flora and fauna, some of which are critically endangered. Due to its significant ecological and cultural values we believe this area is worth protecting and restoring.

It is our mission, as a collective of local residents and local businesses owners, to restore the local scenic reserves, remnant native bush, residential properties and the areas surround from the destruction from invasive pests. We aim to increase food sources and ensure a safer ecological corridor for native birds. We also aim to increase total size of safe habitat in the reserve and the area surrounds.  

We believe restoration and rehabilitation can be achieved with extensive pest control measures for invasive fauna replenishing much needed habitat and food supply.

The area that we aim to get under control is 136Ha and covers the top 1.5km of the Kaituna River all the way out to the end of Te Akau Rd covering the entire peninsula. We have broken this task down. We have 4 different areas that we will tackle one at a time, Okere, Taheke, Te Akau, and Kaituna. This is a chance for the residents and businesses in the area to work together to help bring back the bird life!

We will conduct bird counts, give residents the opportunity to financially support the project and also get their hands dirty if they want. Once we have traps in place we will keep counts of all predators caught and continue to have bird counts so that we can see the true benefit of the project.